Our Mission:

Reaching Our City By
Reaching One

Our Mission is simple: To reach our city, by reaching one. 

We believe God has a part for us to play in impacting our city (and world), and that it begins by showing Christ's love to everyone He sets in our path. No matter where people come from or where they are going, we are called to love them the way Jesus loves them - passionately, purposefully and unconditionally.

Proverbs 11:11 says that " By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted." Exalted means "lifted up", so we believe that this means since God has placed us in Olive Branch it is our responsibility to be "FOR" our city. It should be better because we exist - this is our purpose and our prayer!

Our Vision: 

A Church That Looks Like Heaven and Looks Like Jesus

As we accomplish the Mission, our church will take on a defined LOOK. This is our Vision. Our vision is to be a church that looks like heaven and looks like Jesus. A summary of the characteristics we are striving for follows below.

Striving To Be A Church That Looks Like Heaven Means CityChurch Has A Vision To Be:

1. A Church For All Races

2. A Church For All Generations

3. A Church For All Backgrounds

Striving To Be A Church That Looks Like Jesus Means CityChurch Strives To Be:

1. Accepting Like Jesus

2. Authentic Like Jesus

3. Enjoyable Like Jesus

4. Generous Like Jesus

5. Powerful Like Jesus

6. Relevant Like Jesus