Introducing CityChurch Sounds!

Want to sing more to Jesus outside of church but not really sure where to start? Ever wish you had more time to learn the songs so you could enter in more? Just love worshipping with CityChurch and wish you could do it more often?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we have good news for you! Introducing CityChurch Sounds! Each quarter we are preselecting a group of songs that we will be using in our Sunday services - this time around there are 16 of them. All of those songs are then loaded into a playlist for you to enjoy during the week! All you need to do is find us on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube and you'll be good to go.

Click on your favorite streaming service below and let's take our worship to the next level!

Apple Music



Update! Due to the success of CityChurch Sounds, we are now introducing CityChurch Vault! While the songs in CityChurch Sounds will rotate each quarter based on what we are worshipping to during our services that quarter, CityChurch Vault will be a running archive of everything that has been a part of CityChurch Sounds. This will allow some to keep worshipping with old favorites, others to remember a song God used to minister to them in the past, and new people to discover music they didn't know existed. You can find CityChurch Vault on YouTube.